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Protecting assets

Asset Protection

Operating across the UK, Triforce deliver security services to major infrastructure providers. Notably, we have successfully reduced active cable theft on the London Underground network in a very short period of time. Triforce uses specialist techniques and equipment, coupled with experienced teams to provide a range of counter-measures designed to thwart or capture offenders. With a combined portfolio of man and machine, our goal is to be recognised as the leader in asset protection and the first choice for any physical or technical security solution, whilst also protecting your brand and reputation.

Key Services

  • Cable protection for the rail industry
  • Protection for construction and plant equipment
  • High value goods transportation


We carry out a pre-engagement site visit designed to allow us to view your operation in order to get a hands on feel for the business, to understand vulnerable areas and the risks associated and develop a detailed service proposal. We develop a customer profile with you in order for us to provide the type of security service that best represents your brand and values. We assign a fixed relationship manager to personally oversee your account who will take ownership for the quality assurance of the service we provide.

The Basics

We believe it is important to exceed your expectations, however this starts by getting the basics right. All our security operatives have the appropriate uniform; impeccable personal appearance; a good attitude; excellent timekeeping; are skilled and capable and also interested in their work and environment.

We gain success using a number of different methods:

  • Working closely with appropriate authorities including the Police authorities and local councils.
  • Combining remote monitoring and detection solutions with man power over-watch and surveillance to provide the right type of security at the right location at the right time.
  • Working with the local community to raise awareness of local crime including signage, leaflet drops and other crime reduction strategies.
  • Employing security professionals who are skilled, motivated and determined to prevent theft and protect your assets.
  • Providing training to your staff on security awareness and how to prevent loss which in turn adds value and reduces the costs associated with loss and theft associated.

Our Promise

  • Our security operatives have been trained to the highest standards and have an SIA Licence.
  • Our security teams will keep detailed incident logs and reports on activity.
  • We will provide the right advice and deliver the most effective solution for your business.
  • We aim to exceed your expectations for what a security organisation can do and always deliver a service that fits your budget.